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Need Centerpiece/Decor Ideas for '20s Jazz Party (Read 2255 times)
Emily N
Party411 Newbies

Party On!

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Need Centerpiece/Decor Ideas for '20s Jazz Party
Dec 07th, 2013, 3:54pm
I'm hosting a party for my husband's 27th birthday. Us and 18 friends have reserved tables at a local jazz club. We're all artists and actors so I included in the invite that everyone is free to dress up if they want to. Since we're in a club, all food and drink will be ordered from the restaurant and live music is provided.

I'm on an extremely tight budget and don't have a lot of time, but was hoping to get some suggestions for some themed decorations I could throw on the table to make it more festive. Anything incorporating food or liquor is not allowed since we're in an establishment who would like us to buy their food (understandably) and we can't post anything on the walls or drape things over chairs.

I'm thinking some pearl beads from the dollar store. Maybe a boa or two. Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance!
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Party411 Newbies

Posts: 2

Re: Need Centerpiece/Decor Ideas for '20s Jazz Party
Reply #1 - Dec 13th, 2013, 11:40am
Here are some fun ideas that I hope you can use (or at least can be a catalyst for some of your own Smiley

* Have small namecards printed on cream cardstock and placed around the table in the Godfather themed font (there are some great free fonts out there - try Simply the Best Fonts for a good start.)

* Peacock feathers and colors were also very popular at the time

* If your guests are more on the creative side (me and my friends are all actors and artists as well Smiley ) consider inviting a couple of 'unexpected guests' to the evening to make it special.  Have someone you know (preferably someone your hubby doesn't know) come in to treat him like a gangster (i.e. a gin runner in costume coming in to confirm a 'shipment' across the Canadian border, a police inspector or Elliot Ness warning him that he WILL be caught if he continues his 'business' in your city, etc.)  I've personally done these types of things MANY times for different birthdays and special occasions and believe me, the birthday boy will have something very fund and creative to remember!

* Fringe on women's dresses were popular - visit your local fabric store and pick up a couple yards of fringe to cut in pieces and wrap around the glasses, etc.
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