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40th Bday Themed for City's He's Lived In (Read 1878 times)
Party411 Newbies

Party On!

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40th Bday Themed for City's He's Lived In
Apr 18th, 2012, 4:02pm
I'm having a party for my husband and we've gone with a theme around city's he's lived in. Here's what I've got so far. I'd love some more ideas to make it special!

Food: Hors d'ouevres from the cities, marked by signs of logos from his favorite restaurants there. Baltimore crab cakes; NJ pizza; English pasties.

Decor: I'm doing a color thing - blue, silver, white - tons of balloons on ceiling; candles with colored streamers wrapped around the holders. But the only city-theme decor I've come up with is directional signs (i.e. the arrow signs that say Baltimore 44 miles, London 2,375 miles, etc.)

I started out with a Monogram thing in the party colors - a big L cut out of foam core and decorated in the colors. L as the decor on the cake. But I don't know if this will conflict with the city theme, or if it's fine because it's still about him.

Any ideas are welcome!! Pleeeeease!
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Party411 God/Goddess

Zozzie and Heidi,
Innovative Party

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Re: 40th Bday Themed for City's He's Lived In
Reply #1 - Apr 26th, 2012, 9:19am
The party sounds great! It is fun to get props to incorporate into centerpieces....
Newspapers from the City
License Plates (try ebay)
Brochures or Maps
Photos of specific note landmarks
Food related to the city: Crabs for Baltimore, Tea for London etc.....
London: British soldier doll, crowns, Beatles, castles
and so on..........

A lot of these items can be found on ebay, toy stores, you can google images of landmarks and print them out....You can place the props in a small box like container. Wrap the outside of the box in a map and then place your props at different heights and angles in the box.
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Party411 Newbies

Party On!

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Re: 40th Bday Themed for City's He's Lived In
Reply #2 - May 24th, 2013, 8:54am
That is a fun theme. Not sure how fancy the party is but if you have waitstaff have them wear hats or t-shirts with the city you currently live in or his favorite city. Give out mugs with the city on it as party favors.

Incorporate some recognizable ideas such as apples for NY. Fish and chips for London. BBQ for Texas.
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Party411 Newbies

Party On!

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Re: 40th Bday Themed for City's He's Lived In
Reply #3 - Jun 25th, 2013, 7:32am
Great theme you have arranged!! I suggest you should include some murder mystery games in your party. They are funny games and all guests will definitely remember your party. Smiley
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