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Son's 3rd Birthday AND Husband's Graduation Party. (Read 1541 times)
Mary Leigh Scharlott
Party411 Newbies

Party On!

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Son's 3rd Birthday AND Husband's Graduation Party.
Sep 20th, 2011, 9:47pm
Hi! I am stuck in kind of a pickle. On Oct. 20th (a Thursday) my son turns 3 AND my husband graduates from a class in the army and is officially an officer (He has been in the Army for almost 8 years and works SO hard and it is a very big deal that he accomplished this!) My husband will have been away for 6 weeks when he graduates so it will also be a homecoming (kind of) for him. My Mother In Law is flying down to visit us the next day and will be in town all weekend.

I am wanting to do a Birthday party for my son AND a graduation/congrats party for my husband. We just moved down here but we have made several friends and most of them have kids around my sons age so finding guests probably will not be a problem.

I don't know if I should have a theme for my sons part of the party... And if so, what should it be? I considered a helicopter theme because my husband is going to school to fly them in a few months but that seemed a little cheesy to me. Sad Should I get two cakes? What are some activities we can do to involve adults AND kids??? October is the rainy season here in Alabama so outdoor stuff may be a little iffy.

Also, when I had my son's 1st birthday party my mother in law was there. After the party she ordered me a bunch of cook books on baking birthday cakes. (she is kind of a B!+ch!) so I am probably just going to have the cakes made by someone else (I am going to have a busy week already as it is)

Any thoughts on themes and/or cake ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thx
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West Palm Beach Event Hall
Party411 Newbies

Rock and Roll Party

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West Palm Beach, FL
Re: Son's 3rd Birthday AND Husband's Graduation Party.
Reply #1 - Oct 3rd, 2011, 3:52pm
Hi Mary Leigh! Sounds like a busy and exciting time! As far as a theme goes, I think it all depends on what your son likes. If he likes helicopters AND your husband is learning to fly them soon, it's a great crossover theme, but it sounds like a hard theme to find applicable use for.

What does your son like to play with? What are his interests?

It sounds like a good idea to have someone else makes the cake, with your mother-in-law being such a heel. I would go with 2 different cakes, they don't have to be large, but it would be nice to have one personalized birthday cake for your son and a grad cake for your husband.

I have a couple of ideas for activities that can involve both the kids and adults:

1. Scavenger Hunt - Have a different list of items for kids and adults and make the kids' items easier to find. Have different prizes for the kids and adults. You can do this inside if you have enough room!

2. Relay Race - Setup a obstacle/relay course with harder challenges for the adults. You can situate the course for kids to switch off to adults and back. This can end up with hilarious results if you're creative. Watch A Minute to Win It for inspiration!

Good luck and let us know how it goes!  Smiley
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