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Not exactly a graducation party.... (Read 1367 times)
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Not exactly a graducation party....
Apr 03rd, 2007, 8:19pm
As a member of the fabulous class of 2008 Grin, we have decided to do something a little different. At the end of this summer (mid august) we will be holding the first ever senior-year jump-off celebration in our town. Its going to be 4 days of fun (kind of like a class reunion). The first day is a huge cookout, the second is a trip to an amusement park, the third is the spirit day (first football game of the season), and the last day is a formal banquet, which is where the trouble begins.

Many of the students have never planned nor been to a formal banquet and we want this one to be a huge success. Any ideas you have for decorations, entertainment,activities, etc. will be greatly appreciated. The only thing we have so far is a location and a menu so any help you could give concerning the banquet or any of the other events planed for the week would be nice.
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