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Need Senior recital/gradution party advice (Read 3575 times)
Party411 Newbies

Posts: 1

Need Senior recital/gradution party advice
Mar 21st, 2007, 10:47pm
I'm looking for any advice in trying to do something I think is somewhat unique, but surely someone has done something similar. My daughter wants to have a "senior recital" and showcase her different talents. So we are looking to combine this with her graduation party, as it is difficult to get folks to 2 events during the busy graduation season.

What we are thinking about is having an hour or 1 1/2 hrs open house, then the senior recital and then another hour or so open house. That way guests could come for the recital and be there for either side of the open house to visit with my daughter. Anyone done something like this before? Or are we crazy for trying to combine everything?

My daughter dances, twirls the baton and plays the flute and piano, so she wants to showcase these talents, as most people have not seen her perform that we would invite or they have only seen her do one of the talents. We have found a church that has a gym right next to the kitchen and the gym has a stage. So she can twirl the baton on the gym floor, but use the stage for her other talents. She will need to change clothes for a few of the talents, so she will ask some other talented friends to perform while she changes clothes. The recital portion will last about 50 minutes. Is this too long to expect guests to sit through?

I would love to create some type of theme for the event - but I'm a huge birthday party planner and have used up almost every theme in the book - since she was 3 years old - tropical, hollywood, princess, wacky, pioneer, olympics, zoo, barnyard. Any ideas??

Finally, my daughter's graduation is just 10 days before her 18th birthday - so I was kind of playing with the idea of seeing about having the church for longer, cleaning up the graduation type stuff and having her friends back in the evening for some type of birthday party/dance. Any advice?

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Part411 Junior Member

Posts: 97

Re: Need Senior recital/gradution party advice
Reply #1 - May 27th, 2007, 2:22am
I am not sure how many guests you are expecting. I think the idea of two open houses is okay, but I would split the guest list to invite them to one or the other. Ask for RSVP (although, people don't always give one!) That would help you with planning...making sure you have enough food and beverage. Downside...twice as much work! May I suggest you hire some reliable young people to help you keep food trays replenshed, clean up, etc.? That way you'll be freed up to socialize.
I don't think an hour recital is too long to sit through.
For a theme, how about Music of the Heart?
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