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Re: Formal help!!!! (Read 1584 times)
Party411 Newbies

Posts: 7

Re: Formal help!!!!
Jan 20th, 2007, 6:15pm
My son and I are in the process of planning his prom far this is what we have come up with.
Bar choices-
watermelon and mango martinis (clubsoda with Rosas cocktail infusions).  Add a slice of watermelon or mango to rim -serve in martini glasses
Martinilli's sparkling cider-serve in champagne glasses
fruit bruchetta (diced apple, kiwi, oranges with honey) served on cinnamon tortillas
Tropical salsa (mango,pieapple, peach, cilantro, lime, salt)layered over cream cheese served with tortilla chips
Soup and salad
cup of tomato florentine soup
Strawberry Kiwi spinach salad
homemade farmers bread
Main Meal
marinated flank steak
broccoli rice (rice stirfried w/ garlic, cooked chopped broccoli and onions)
fresh steamed carrots and string beans
chocolate fondue with platter of fresh fruit and pound cake (mikasa has really cute little fondue dishes for 10.00 - i have 2!)

The idea is that most everything can be prepared ahead of time and kept in the fridge /oven  until time to serve.  The only thing we will need to worry about is getting the flank done.

Hope this helps a bit.

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Party411 Newbies

Posts: 7

Re: Formal help!!!!
Reply #1 - Jan 20th, 2007, 9:20pm
Here are a few more things that we are doing....

* I have 2 young teens who will be dressed in black slacks & white shirts to serve as waiters.

* cloth table cloths not plastic or paper.

* you could get helium filled black and silver balloons just floating up on the ceiling....we are having dinner in oiur gazebo se there will be balloons tied all around the rails.

* fresh cut flowers in glass vases....I do an arrangement were you use clear glass sqaure vases, slice fruit against the inside of vase, and flowers cut short in the middle.  It wourls great if you use orange flowers with oranges slices, yellow flowers with lemons, etc.

* candles, candles, candles.....silver or black chargers with silver or black candles / tea lights.  or just line up tealights / candles ikn a row down the middle of each table.

* I have empty wine bottles and rosie infusion bottles that we have drilled holes in the back and inserted clear /red / green / blue x-mas lightsin them.  I usually have them at the bar for extra lighting.

* X-mas lights (clear or 1 color not multi-colored) strung around the tables, windows, corners, etc.

* We will have our fire pit lighted ---it is at the other corner end of the yard so the smoke won't get too near our guests....we have also used a small rotating fun to make sure that the smoke goes competley in the opposite direction....don't want that smoking smell on your nice clothes!

* tiki torches at different corners of the yard.

* The idea with all the christmas lights, candles and fires is to promote more of a romantic mood lighting and not too much of a hard intense light.

* At each table setting we will have a nice menu laid out so they know what is coming next and what beverages are available.

* We are using white or clear china put you could find some black or silver or combination of both.  I like to use nice utencils and cloth napkins.  If you don't want the expenxe of cloth napkins I would suggest some nice thick dinner napkins from costco.

* If you are going to be waling around then you may want to get / make wine glass charms.  They are super easy to make.  Purchase items from Michaels or walmart.  Once you get your theme you can decide on the chrams.  Or use each persons initials and they get to keep the wine charms as a gift.

* If you have a digital camera and printer, you could take pictures as couples entered.  While everyone is eating, a paretn could print them out and have the pictures ready to go as you left.

* Have a disposable camera for each person / couple so they can take theri own pics.

*  Little containers of bubbles at each setting or served with dessert as a fun thing to do.

Hope this helps more.  Once you get a theme there are so much more ideas you could work on.

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