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Message started by supa_star on Jan 10th, 2005, 11:23am

Title: ~* My Aussie 18th *~
Post by supa_star on Jan 10th, 2005, 11:23am

Hey Boiz n Gurlz,
Im havn my 18th bday later this yr with ur 18th and 21st bdays being a big thing here instead of the whole sweet 16 thing.Well i wanna have a party-but evry1 knows how they work out.Invite 1 person n around 100 ppl find out by da end of the week.So i was thinkn jst my good friends n their 1 invited guest 2 have drinks n pizza down stairs of our house so we can b by ourselves.I was also going 2 go 2 dinna with my good mates to this theatre restraunt.Tey have charecters n matching food,dancefloor,bars etc. .But....i need more ideas with the 2nd but only 1 of lyk 5 ppl who r 18 n able to drink go nite clubs (18 being the legal age here in aus.).So i need i deas.think outside the square, not the 1;s like beach party etc. unless u hav kick ass ideas then go right think big on ideas,all will b greatlly appreciated,thanks 4 all yall help.Torrence

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